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MANUFACTURED MOBILE HOMES, have become one of the fastest growing housing alternatives for homeowners.  Some of the services needed for this special type of housing are unique and require different types of skills than single-family homes.
Why have someone inspect or work on  your Home, That dose not know how its Built.  We are the  Specialist.

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Welcome to Complete Home Repair Specialist, offering the most comprehensive Home repair and improvement service throughout Florida State area.

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Our experienced of 35 years will provide you with fast, courteous, and Quality service for all of the projects around your home.

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· Floor Damage                         Insulation  Vapor Barrier   

Water Damage                       Plumbing ,    Roofs    

Tie-Down System                   Termite Damage

· Storm  Damage                        Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen  

 Leveling                                    Vapor Barrier / Insulation 

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Mobile Home Crawlspace

To keep your mobile home looking neat and attractive, it's important to pay attention to the crawlspace and underpinning., Flooding,  It is recommended after a Hurricane, Storm strong winds to have the Level of the Home check out and can compromise or destroy the crawlspace area. It's good to inspect under a mobile home and check all support blocks or mechanical mechanisms holding up the house. Examine the floor for plumbing issues or leaks while you're in the crawlspace. Another major issue to address is insulation problems from the crawlspace area to save on heat and cooling bill Check the block foundation for damaged and underpinning materials destroyed by water or wind.

Also in Crawlspace Area

Use a light to look over ductwork under the home. Replace any ductwork or repair it,
 if needed to conserve heat and cooling dollars . Have plumbing check to while you're working in the crawlspace area.

Check for weak floors or dampness before you place insulation under the house. Cut out any rotted areas and replace with plywood wood flooring. Install heavy permanent plastic sheeting on the ground to prevent moisture from rising into the floor joist areas.

Tips & Warnings ,If  you  are allergic to spider bites or other insects. Never crawl back into a dark space, since rodents or snakes could reside there. 
It is Recommended to, call a  Specialist,  We can help.

Moisture Barrier Under Mobile Home / Manufactured Housing

Vapor barriers prevent the passage of water and moisture laden air from passing from one point to another. Vapor barriers under your mobile home can help prevent moisture damage to the wood and metal supports under your mobile home. There are several thoughts on moisture barrier installation. One suggests placing the moisture barrier directly on the ground. However, attaching a moisture barrier directly to the bottom of your mobile home is common.

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  New  Codes,  HUD & Florida Tie Downs UpGrade for
Mortgage,  Home Owners Insurance / Lenders, or just for personal Safety.
Insurance Roof and Tie-down Inspections Here.

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